CELEBRITY singer Isabel Pantoja has turned herself in to begin her two-year jail sentence for money-laundering.

The 58-year-old folk singer entered the Alcala de Guadaira jail in Sevilla today, after the rejection of her court appeals.

The ex-girlfriend of former Marbella mayor Julian Munoz was also fined €1.2 million, following the 2012 trial.

Munoz’s ex-wife Maite Zaldivar – who Munoz left for Pantoja – has also begun her jail sentence of two-and-a-half years at Alhaurin de la Torre, near Malaga.

Munoz’s scheme involved providing building permits in Marbella in return for bribes, and both the women helped him launder the money.

Pantoja is last member of the complicated love trial to enter jail, as Munoz is already serving his seven-year sentence.

A well-known face in Spain’s gossip magazines and TV shows, Pantoja was previously married to the famous bullfighter Francisco ‘Paquirri’ Rivera, who died in the bullring in 1984.


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