BLOCKBUSTER tourism figures for Sevilla and Osuna have been released following the filming of hit TV show Game of Thrones in Andalucia.

HBO’s cameras boosted local tourism by 15% during the first two weeks of filming, as adoring fans flocked to southern Spain to ogle their favourite actors.

Sevilla and Osuna are now planning to capitalise on the Game of Thrones fever by with tours of the sets.

U.S. Ambassador to Spain James Costos said the ‘film and cinema industry can be a direct motor for increasing tourism in Spain’.

Costos added: “The creative industries create employment, and it is a means to guaranteeing a healthy industry that takes advantage of the creativity within the Spanish population.”

When film producers appealed for 600 extras in October, more than 86,000 people showed up, showing the popularity of Game of Thrones in Spain.


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