THERE are many aspects to the Agnese Klavina case which are strange, throwing up more questions by the day.

Why was so little heard about her disappearance and why was it 10 weeks before arrests were made, given the existence of CCTV evidence?

Why have no details been made public about the arrests and charges, not even the initials – as is usual police practice?

And how can cops charge three men with kidnapping, yet still not turn up a body?

Most importantly though, how did the disappearance of a beautiful woman, who is clearly full of life, hardly make local or even national headlines?

A month ago the story had seemingly no more legs to run, the search effectively off.

A cynical closing of ranks by police, town hall and traders had all but brushed it under the mat.

But we can only hope that with each new strange twist we are one step closer to answering the most important question of all: where is Agnese?


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