4 Dec, 2014 @ 10:15
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Iraq, Syria and the UK happier places than Spain

WITH ‘sun, sea and sangria’ it is almost impossible to believe war-torn countries like Iraq and Syria are ‘happier’ places to live than Spain… but that is apparently the case, according to statistics released by the Happy Planet index.

Something tells us that some factors were seriously overlooked when it comes to what makes people happy – namely basic human rights, peace, etc…

Most incredible of all, a life in bleak Blighty even apparently trumps what Spain has to offer, according to the index, as well as footballer Bojan Krkic…

We’re not sure about you, but at the OP no one’s in a particular rush to pack their bags and head for Stoke.


Rob Horgan

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  1. Hey Fred,
    I’m certain you can book a ryanair flight out at any time.
    Whatever these good folks at Happy Planet are consuming,…..I think it would be wise to stay further away from their second hand smoke….. just in case buddy.

  2. No need Scali, I fly and live all over Europe already. I never fly Ryanair though, always first class BA. Thanks for thinking of me though. It’s nice to be in the minds of others lol.

  3. Ahh I pity you Fred, we’re not talking about money. So sad if that’s all you have in your life. Now I can understand why you think like you do.
    I’d rather be with more people like KB & Scalii than people like you, with or without money. I hope one day you find more happiness & less bitterness.

  4. C&g

    Fred fly first class BA withine Europe. The do not have first class with in Europe. Just another lie from that morron!
    in another chat he suddenly have a house in Holland. Sometimes in the chat he runs a business in Spain and sometimes in England. I could go on but lets face it the person behind Fred is just a joker a bad one.

  5. @G&G, you are ‘projecting’ again, that is you read another persons opinion that you don’t agree with, and then instead of just agreeing to disagree, you to try and score some points by then saying that they are unhappy and bitter etc. I’m sorry to disappoint you but you are light years away on that one, but keep guessing lol. I pity you that you would make such a statement.

  6. Sunshine is not enough to make you happy. This will keep your spirits up for a while, maybe a few years but the daily grind of corruption and bureaucracy will eventually take their toll with even the most patient of people. Then there are others who cannot simply afford to leave and cannot sell their houses, especially as house prices have gone up in the UK whilst they have slid in Spain, not to mention he thousands with illegal homes. 10’s or 100’s of thousands have left Spain over the last year including the Spanish. Even retiring there is not easy now as they want to know about your world wide assets and relive you of some of these if they are over a certain limit so the wealthy are not staying either. Unfortunately Spain is going downhill and I cannot see they are going to change anything to take it uphill. If you take inflation into account, I do not believe house prices are any higher than 15 years ago in most areas, add running costs on and you are out of pocket. One more thing, even in many highly populated costal areas you cannot receive high speed internet, and I do not call 3 to 8mb high speed. Relying on pensioners to keep your economy going is not great, you need industry, Companies willing to invest, cappuccinos won’t do it.

  7. Right said Fred lol!
    Thank you for concerns Fred but they are misplaced. I suggest you go to Syria & help as in your option it’s far better than Spain.
    I don’t base my option on hear say it’s factual that a life in Syria is far worse than Spain. Those poor people their certainly need help so please do the right thing by them, send money as you have so much, this will make you feel wholesome. It’s nice to be nice x

  8. Sorry you did fly Club class if I should belive you are not lying again. Club class is not first class it is the old business class. Or maybe that is first class for dimwits like you.
    I hope you did not spend to mutch googling time to find the link so you could try to impress us.

  9. @G&G, I don’t recall saying that Syria was “better” than Spain; you are just randomly projecting again. I think you will find that the people of Syria love their homeland and saying one place is “better” than another is actually quite meaningless. I have worked as an NGO overseas before, have you?

    @kb, your purposeful spelling errors are hilarious and you almost slipped back to your native tongue in your reply because you’re getting so frustrated lol. I know you’re concerned about my travel arrangements, but rest assured that they are optimal, be it EU or international.

  10. Come on Fred what haven’t you done, got or worked as, you really should be in parliament, you will feel at home as they are all full of BS.
    You sir are deluded.
    This is what you agreed on … It is almost impossible to believe that worn torn countries like Iraq & Syria are happier places to live…..
    At least in Spain people can help each other one way or another. There is very little hope of growing crops in a destitute country. Without the elements & poverty working against them, they are being killed.
    Why on earth are you judging KB on his or her spelling ? How sad you are.
    I can’t write to you anymore as I will so loose the will to live. Good luck Fred, you really do need it.

  11. @G&G, yep it’s true, I’ve done a lot, far more than you ever will, if you want to put it that way lol. When I worked for 6 months volunteering for an NGO, the country I was in had been at war for six years. The place was derelict in parts and yet well preserved in others. When we did get an opportunity to travel we found that the people, although clearly stressed at their countries predicament, still said that they loved their country and did not want to be displaced. Surprising, but that was what I found and is the crux of the point I was making above. No delusion, just first-hand experiences. No luck needed; go and experience the countries you mention in person before making assumptions.

    Btw, I judge kb’s (lowercase, note, as the other KB is a diferent person) because he/she misspells on purpose, in my opinion. Perhaps you are kb? Btw, it’s “lose” – a common error that kb makes too. I make spelling errors all the time, but most importantly I know which ones are incorrect, unlike yourself lol.

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