EUROPE’S one-time ‘most dangerous woman’ has been arrested in Malaga on suspicion of money-laundering, along with her husband.

The two IRA terrorists – Donna Maguire and her husband Leonard ‘Bap’ Hardy – who were involved in a foiled bomb attack on an army barracks in Germany, are waiting to hear whether they will be charged.

A Spanish man has also been held over the alleged scam.

The Irish couple, from Dundalk, County Louth, tried to blow up the base at Osnabruck in 1989, intending ‘to kill as many British soldiers as possible’.

Former convent girl Maguire, now 57, was convicted of attempted murder in 1995, along with four others.

She also received a nine-year sentence for spying on British military bases in Germany with intent to sabotage.

Having spent the previous six years on remand, however, she was freed almost immediately.

Hardy, now 53, was sentenced to six years in jail in 2006 by a court in Celle, Germany, for his part in the plot.

But he walked free because the offence took place before 1998’s Good Friday Agreement, which saw those convicted of IRA terror offences released from prison.

Five bombs containing 220lb of Semtex were planted at Quebec barracks, at the Osnabruck base, during the attack.

But the bombs were discovered at the last minute when a civilian employee surprised two of the terrorists.

One bomb exploded causing extensive damage but no casualties.

Hardy also dodged jail last July after settling a €360,000 tax bill and pleading guilty to eight counts of failing to file tax returns.

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  1. Former convent girl. Dave Allen was raised by nuns and he called them the Gestapo in drag, which wasn’t too far off the mark. Dave Allen was also sent a death threat by the IRA for making satirical clips of the Roman Catholic church and the Pope. So much for the members of the IRA and their supporters claiming their terrorist campaign had nothing to do with religion.

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