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A SPANISH police officer has died in Madrid after being allegedly pushed under a train.

Passersby were horrified to witness the ‘murder’ of 28-year-old officer Francisco Javier Ortega at the Embajadores station.

Shocking footage of the incident shows Ortega talking to a group on the platform, when he allegedly asked to see identification papers of one of the men.

A minor scuffle broke out before one of the men appears to push Ortega.

The pair then fell onto the tracks as a train pulled into the station.

Ortega was rushed to a nearby hospital but died from his injuries shortly after.

The man who allegedly pushed Ortega onto the tracks is named in El Pais as 28-year-old Yode Ali Raba from the Ivory Coast.

Raba – who allegedly illegally entered Spain in 2011 – is now in hospital receiving treatment for a severe head injury.

The Director General of Police in Spain, Ignacio Cosido, described his death as ‘murder’.

“It is clear that there is intent on taking the agent to the railway tracks and throwing him under when a train was approaching,” he said.

Ortega was posthumously awarded the gold medal of police merit.

Footage recorded by Jessica Lamela


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