EXCLUSIVE by Rob Horgan

A HELPLESS 14-year-old boy trapped in a lift over Christmas was heroically saved by an expat’s dog in Nueva Andalucia.

Norwegian expat Rowley Burger’s feisty Yorkshire terrier came to the rescue when Lucas Schmitz became trapped between floors in an apartment block lift shaft.

With no way of contacting the outside world, the intrepid animal – coincidentally named Luca – rushed to the lift doors ‘barking like crazy’.

“We were having breakfast and all of a sudden the dog went absolutely ballistic,” said Burger, 61.

“He ran over to the lift doors and wouldn’t stop barking so I called the reception who alerted the maintenance team.

“Luca has ears the size of an elephant’s. He can hear things that humans could never hear, thankfully he heard Lucas calling out, otherwise goodness knows how long he would have been down there.”

The rescue effort took over an hour and Luca wouldn’t leave the scene until Lucas was successfully pulled from the shaft.

After he had been retrieved, Lucas was reunited with his family who are staying in Nueva Andalucia on holiday.

Although a little ‘shaken up’, Lucas’ father Gerhard Schmitz said his son ‘is fine’ and extended his thanks to Burger and Luca.


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