IMG_8339OLIVE PRESS publisher Jon Clarke gives us an exclusive look into anti-corruption party Podemos’ headquarters as they prepare for tomorrow’s rally.

Party members and volunteers from across the country are flocking to the capital ahead of the ‘March for Change’ that aims to call for a change in political governance.

Flags and banners are currently being made at the party’s headquarters in Madrid to echo the people’s discontent regarding political scandals and corruption.

Cautious volunteer Francisco said: “Podemos isn’t going to fix anything, but it is all about the people and trying to make a change.

“I don’t think we are going to win, which is better as it will give us more time to organise ourselves and formulate what we want to do.”

On social media Podemos is trying to put across a strong message saying: “You can feel the enthusiasm in the streets and the desire to build an empowered citizenry that speaks up loudly to say that change is unstoppable.”

The party is advertising the rally as a march organised ‘by and for the people, built by all’ that will show that ‘there’s a new majority which knows that the time to act is now’.

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