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Bill proposed to protect places of geological interest in Spain’s Mallorca

PODEMOS have submitted proposals to the Balearic parliament to give special protection to sites of ‘geological interest’ on the islands.  The measures are being fronted...

Spanish government row over increase in defence spending

A ROW has erupted within Spain’s ruling coalition over defence spending.  On Tuesday July 6, Pedro Sanchez announced a €1 billion boost to Spain’s defence...

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez under pressure to call general election in Spain

Nearly half of those surveyed by Spanish Newspaper El Mundo think that Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez should call a general election. However, Prime Minister Pedro...

Spanish Equality MP criticised for travelling in to New York via a private jet

THE MP for Equality, Irene Montero, has been heavily criticised by political rivals for flying to New York in the Falcon - a private...

Opinion poll reveals revitalised Partido Popular could form new government in Spain after December’s general election

A respected monthly opinion poll is spelling potentially serious problems for the left-of-centre coalition led by Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez. Sanchez recently said that Spain...

Pedro Sanchez wins knife-edge vote in Spain’s parliament for big economic recovery package

SPAIN'S Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, won a nail-biting vote in Congress on Thursday to secure a massive spending package of €16 billion to boost...

Spain’s King Felipe VI reveals he is worth €2.6 million

THE King of Spain has revealed his net worth - and it turns out to be a ‘modest’  €2,573,392.80. While that may seem a lot...

US govt Human Rights report slams both Vox and Podemos over press ‘harassment’

THE US State Department has slammed the political parties of Vox and Podemos over their ‘concerning’ treatment of the media in the annual human...

Spain orders accurate tally of ongoing child sex abuse cases and complaints involving Catholic Church

Spain's Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, has ordered 17 regional chief prosecutors to send details of current judicial probes into child sex abuse by the...

Pablo Iglesias cuts off his famous pony-tail after leaving politics and quitting Spain’s Podemos party

A WEEK after announcing he was quitting politics after a drubbing at the polls in Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, the former leader of Spain’s radical...

Podemos: Pablo Iglesias ‘resigns from politics’ after drubbing in Madrid election

PABLO Iglesias, the pony-tailed maverick who burst onto the political scene seven years ago with his radical left Podemos threw in the towel last...

Resounding victory for right-wing Covid rebel Isabel Ayuso in Madrid

SPAIN'S conservative Popular Party won a resounding victory in the Madrid region, more than doubling the number of seats delivering a blow to the...

Polls show Spain’s right-wing set to win big in Madrid regional elections

SPAIN'S main opposition right-wing Popular Party (PP) is poised to win the snap election in the Madrid region on May 4, returning Isabel Diaz...

Ultra right-wing extremists blamed for Molotov attack on Podemos HQ in Spain’s Murcia region

AN explosive device was thrown last night (April 1) into the Cartagena office of the far-left Podemos party and slogans daubed over the front...

Spanish judge turns to UK to investigate destruction of card stolen from Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias’ former adviser

The investigation is key in determining if Iglesias deliberately manipulated and disabled the card

Fear of coronavirus responsible for low turnout at 8-M Women’s Rights rally, according to Spain’s Equality Minister Irene Montero

IRENE Montero has been caught off camera blaming fear of the coronavirus as the reason why the 8-M march didn’t have as many people as previous years.

Podemos deputy leader, Isabel Serra Sanchez, sentenced to 19 months in prison for her intervention in an eviction in...

THE deputy leader of Podemos, Isabel Serra Sanchez has been sentenced to 19 months in prison for her intervention in an eviction.

Pedro Sanchez on charm offensive to gain support for Spain’s coalition government from Catalan separatists

Sanchez needs to persuade the Catalan Republic Left (ERC) to abstain during the vote, in order to form a government

SPAIN ELECTIONS 2019: Who’s contesting it? What do they want? Who will win?

Spaniards are heading to polling booths for the fourth time in four years this weekend as voters hope to bring an end to the country’s political stalemate. But what are the main parties all about?

Spain’s moderate Ciudadanos party in CRISIS as its voters leave in droves to support far right Vox in snap...

Vox is set to gain 14% of the overall vote, after the PP in second place (21.2% and 91 seats) and the left wing PSOE first (27.3% and 121 votes)

Spain’s conservative PP party funds ‘Cambridge Analytica-style’ dirty ad campaign targeting left wing voters in run-up to election

Advertising was ‘distributed in neighbourhoods that traditionally support the PSOE or United Podemos’

Spain on track for fourth election in four years as talks to form government break down

SPAIN could have to go to the polls yet again after talks between the PSOE and Podemos broke down last night.  If caretaker prime minister...

Spain set for socialist-led government after Iglesias sidelined in PSOE-Podemos coalition deal

SPAIN is likely to install a socialist-led government this week following a coalition deal between the Socialist Workers' (PSOE) party and anti-austerity Podemos. PSOE won...

Pedro Sanchez walks away from coalition talks as political breakdown raises concern of repeat election in Spain

A repeat election would plunge Spain’s young democracy into an unprecedented crisis as it would be the fourth in as many years

Spain’s Andalucia won by PSOE in municipal elections as Vox decimated and PP take control of Costa del Sol

THE PSOE has achieved the largest share of Andalucia’s municipal votes, continuing its upward rise. The Socialist party achieved 37% of the region’s votes, compared...





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