Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Everything you need to know about the Spanish election and how it will impact expats

With the Brexit referendum at the forefront of most people’s minds, the run-up to the Spanish general election has almost slipped under the radar

Podemos, PSOE, and C’s gang-up on PP and Rajoy in last night’s Spanish election debate

Can Spain avoid a third election and more uncertainty?

No new ideas and no new strategies for June 26 election campaign

It appears the four political parties are again more interested in taking over government in a protagonist role

Podemos and IU pact pushes PSOE into third place in election poll ahead of second general election

The Unidos Podemos coalition stands to get 25.6% of the vote

VIDEO: Spanish politics explained in English

Created by Pablo and Paula Esparza the short video tells you all you need to know about the current situation

Podemos cracks begin to appear

IU pact shows Podemos’ imperfections

The Podemos path: The Spanish Supreme Court also steers to the Left

Thousands of Spanish consumers probably owe Podemos recognition

Spain will repeat general election on June 26 as King Felipe dissolves parliament

King Felipe signed a decree dissolving the current parliament in a bid to break the political stalemate

Last ditch attempt to form government

Politicians meet royalty for final effort to form government

Spain will hold new elections in June after King declares stalemate

King Felipe VI met with the parties earlier this week to try and forge a coalition

Spain enroute to new election as parties rule out last-minute deal

The King is still set to meet with the parties next week

Spain’s king to meet with political parties in last bid to end deadlock

The king will meet party representatives at the end of this month

Spain’s political deadlock continues after three-way party meeting fails

Podemos demands proved too much for opposing delegates

Podemos think tank accused of taking €7 million from Hugo Chavez

Pablo Iglesias part of group funded by Venezuelan leader, says ABC

Stalemate in Spanish government

Political uncertainty continues in Madrid with major parties at loggerheads

Spanish political crisis reaches head as Pedro Sanchez faces second Congress vote

New elections will be held in June if deputies fail to elect PSOE leader

Madrid mayor Manuela Carmena backs Pedro Sanchez PM bid

PP and Podemos lash out at PSOE leader during fiery Congress vote

Podemos accepts PSOE’s parallel negotiations with Ciudadanos

Left-wing parties meet to discuss the economy, Catalunya, the EU and Spain's recovery from reccession

Spain’s left-wing parties hold Madrid talks on Pedro Sanchez investiture

Congress meeting brings PSOE, Podemos, IU and Compromis together

Pedro Sanchez sets out PSOE plan for new Spanish government

Socialist leader's reform plans delivered to PP, Podemos and Ciudadanos

Pedro Sanchez rejects ‘exclusive’ negotiation with Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias

PSOE secretary general insists he will 'negotiate in plural'

Pedro Sanchez ‘ready’ for government following talks with King Felipe VI

PSOE leader prepared to talk to PP, but attacks Rajoy for faling to 'negotiate'

Pablo, surely not!

Allegations that the Podemos boss could himself be corrupt are alarming in the extreme