HUNDREDS of feminist activists have gathered at the Andalucian parliament to protest against the far-right supported government being sworn in.

Juanma Moreno of the PP is set to be the first non-Socialist leader of the region for 36 years and has been bolstered by the far-right Vox party.

Juan Manuel Moreno
POWER: Juan Manuel Moreno the new president of Andalucia

On Tuesday he began giving his maiden speech, before a vote on Wednesday, which should see him be sworn into power on Friday.

Over 50 feminist groups are camped outside the Parliament and are marching with the slogan, ‘not a step back in equality and diversity, our rights are not negotiated.’

Their rallying cries are a response to the pro-life, anti-immigration rhetoric of Vox, who pushed to repeal laws protecting women from gender violence.

Susana Diaz sad
DESTROYED: Susana Diaz’ PSOE party recorded historic losses in the December elections

After Andalucia’s former leader Susana Diaz called the snap elections on December 2, her PSOE party lost their overall majority.

This ushered in a centre-right coalition between the Ciudadanos and the PP, supported by Vox, who would not actually enter government themselves.

Instead, the far-right party, who gained their first 12 seats ever at the regional elections, made a 37-point agreement with the PP and Ciudadanos.

The concessions made to Vox include measures to tackle Islamic fundamentalism and illegal immigration.

Moreno now sets out his policies, which so far include a new water bill, the scrapping of inheritance tax, and a new law to protect flamenco.

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