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Thousands take to the streets of Madrid to demand the resignation of Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez

SOME 31,000 people took to the streets of Madrid on Saturday to protest against the Spanish government, and demand the resignation of Socialist Party...

Delays to new dual-carriageway for busy Costa Blanca road raised in Spain’s Congress

QUESTIONS have been tabled in Spain's Congress about the long delay to executing plans to convert the N-332 highway in Torrevieja to a dual...

OPINION: Give expats full voting rights in Spain

THE Right to vote is considered one of the most fundamental rights in a democracy. A mere century ago women were throwing themselves under horses...

Politicians force cancellation of popular fiestas in Costa Blanca town in Spain

BENEJUZAR has cancelled all of its 2022 fiestas after a council meeting voted down a proposal to pay for them. The news means the abrupt...

Opinion poll reveals revitalised Partido Popular could form new government in Spain after December’s general election

A respected monthly opinion poll is spelling potentially serious problems for the left-of-centre coalition led by Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez. Sanchez recently said that Spain...

Spain’s Andalucia region gears up for election on June 19

ANDALUCIANS will go to the ballot box on Sunday, June 19. Regional president Juanma Moreno confirmed two weeks ago that he would dissolve the regional...

Doctors worry over ending indoor mask wearing too soon as Covid-19 cases rise in Spain

AN end to compulsory indoor mask-wearing may not happen yet in Spain as Covid-19 infections start to rise again. Despite optimism from Prime Minister, Pedro...

Far-right Vox party gets first taste of regional government power in Spain

THE far-right Vox party has achieved its first foothold in running a regional government in Spain after it secured a coalition deal on Thursday...

New twist in decades-long environmental fight over undeveloped beach area on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A legal challenge has been sent to Valencia's Superior Court over a controversial development of 2,274 homes at Cala Mosca on the Orihuela Costa. The...

Beggars and prostitutes face fines of up to €3,000 in Spain’s Alicante City

FINES of up to €3,000 could be handed to beggars and prostitutes on Alicante streets after the city council passed a new wide-ranging ordnance. The...

Blow for Pedro Sanchez socialists as far-right Vox party gets big boost in regional elections in Spain’s Castilla y...

FAR-RIGHT party Vox won 13 seats in yesterday's Castilla y Leon regional elections which will make it kingmaker in a Partido Popular-led coalition. The PSOE...

Controversial housing development allowed on ‘virgin’ stretch of the Costa Blanca in Spain

ORIHUELA council has voted for controversial plans to build 2,274 homes at Cala Mosca. The area has been described as the last 'virgin' beach area...

Benidorm police accused of turning a ‘blind eye’ to illegal outdoor gatherings of young people on Spain’s Costa Blanca

BENIDORM police officers have been accused of turning a 'blind eye' to new COVID health restrictions. The force has been slammed by a local politician...

Spain’s acting PM Pedro Sanchez gets mandate from King to form government, as he launches talks with PP and...

“Spaniards are fed up with anger and clashes, they want to believe in politics again”

SPAIN ELECTIONS 2019: Who’s contesting it? What do they want? Who will win?

Spaniards are heading to polling booths for the fourth time in four years this weekend as voters hope to bring an end to the country’s political stalemate. But what are the main parties all about?

Spain’s moderate Ciudadanos party in CRISIS as its voters leave in droves to support far right Vox in snap...

Vox is set to gain 14% of the overall vote, after the PP in second place (21.2% and 91 seats) and the left wing PSOE first (27.3% and 121 votes)

‘SHAME ON YOU’: Plan to protect donkeys and ban larger riders REJECTED by politicians in Spain’s Mijas

“Shame on you all, you are the ones that should have ended this overnight"

Newly-elected Brit councillor hopeful of attempts to move past long standing rivalries of Spain’s politics

It comes after Ciudadanos continues to rule out any form of pacts with the PSOE on a national level, while the PSOE refuses to work with the Partido Popular either

Spain’s Andalucia won by PSOE in municipal elections as Vox decimated and PP take control of Costa del Sol

THE PSOE has achieved the largest share of Andalucia’s municipal votes, continuing its upward rise. The Socialist party achieved 37% of the region’s votes, compared...

Everything you need to know about Spain’s general election on Sunday April 28

Don't know your PACMA from your pata negra? Join the Olive Press on the campaign trail for a whirlwind tour of Spanish politics

ESPIONAGE: Hackers stream live footage from CCTV at house of Spain’s Podemos leader to publicly accessible website

Investigators tracked those involved to an internet server in Singapore

WATCH: Feminists camp outside Andalucian parliament to protest FAR-RIGHT support of new government

https://twitter.com/msoledadperez/status/1085141318429540352 HUNDREDS of feminist activists have gathered at the Andalucian parliament to protest against the far-right supported government being sworn in. Juanma Moreno of the PP...

FAR-RIGHT: Vox agrees coalition deal in Spain’s Andalucia to end 36-year Socialist rule

It marks the first time a far-right party has had a role in Spanish regional government since Franco died in 1975

Extreme-right party Vox ‘will not support’ Partido Popular and Ciudadanos in Andalucia government unless gender violence law revoked

Vox has slammed the law for treating men as 'second class citizens' but Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera insisted 'equality is non-negotiable'

THEY’VE DONE IT: Right wing pact to throw Socialists out of Spain’s Andalucia

A TRIO of right wing parties have come to an agreement to end 36 years of socialist rule in Andalucia.Juan Manuel Moreno will be...





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