ANDALUCIANS will go to the ballot box on Sunday, June 19.

Regional president Juanma Moreno confirmed two weeks ago that he would dissolve the regional parliament for an election, ending months of speculation.

Moreno’s four year term was due to end in three months’ time.

He claimed he was calling it early in order to allow for a budget to be agreed in time for 2023. 

The regional budget for this year is an extension of the 2021 plan as Moreno could not get his coalition to pass his economic plan- largely down to MPs from the far-right Vox party refusing to back it.

Moreno leads the Partido Popular party (PP) in the region and has been in a coalition for the last three years with centrist Ciudadanos, as well as Vox.

Opinion polls so far make for grim reading for Ciudadanos, who may face a wipeout on June 19.

The PP is on track to be the largest party, but will very likely need the help of Vox, who are in the ascendency, to govern.

The left-leaning parties, led by the PSOE, are expected to make up less than half of the vote in June- way behind on their 2018 polling.

The election campaign will officially begin on June 3.


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