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Eye-watering figure needed to fix Andalucia drought crisis in Spain

WATER levels inside Andalucian dams are at record lows and the region’s government has a solution, but it won’t be cheap. Andalucia needs €5 billion...

Andalucia unveils new government with more women than men in ministerial posts

THE re-elected regional president of Andalucia has unveiled the make-up of the new majority government announcing that women will hold the majority of ministerial...

GIBRALTAR: Government gives big ‘no’ to joint sovereignty call from Spain

ANDALUCIA’S President has called for a move towards joint sovereignty between the UK and Spain over Gibraltar. Juanma Moreno, has said he wanted cooperation amid...

RUNAWAY VICTORY: Conservative People’s Party wins absolute majority in Spain’s Andalucia regional election

THE Conservative People’s Party has scored an overwhelming absolute majority in the regional election celebrated yesterday, Sunday June 19. PP chief, Juan Manuel Moreno, has...

OPINION: Give expats full voting rights in Spain

THE Right to vote is considered one of the most fundamental rights in a democracy. A mere century ago women were throwing themselves under horses...

Polls show PP set to win Andalucia regional elections but will need help from Spain’s far right Vox party...

SPAIN’S conservative Popular Party is set to win the biggest share of the vote in Andalucia when regional elections are held next month, according...

Spain’s Andalucia region gears up for election on June 19

ANDALUCIANS will go to the ballot box on Sunday, June 19. Regional president Juanma Moreno confirmed two weeks ago that he would dissolve the regional...

PACMA slams Andalucian President’s attendance of Sevilla bullfight

SPANISH animal rights party PACMA has condemned animal rights abuses at Sevilla’s Feria de Abril. Several horses have fainted from the heat at the Feria,...

COVID-19 measures and restrictions to return to Spain’s Andalucia in the New Year

THE Junta’s committee of experts and provincial health committees will meet next week to discuss new COVID-19 control measures in light of the increase...

Environmentalists slam Andalucia’s ‘smoke and mirror’ efforts to fight climate change in wake of COP26

At a meeting with Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon during COP26, regional president Juanma Moreno boldly insisted that 'Andalucia is a pioneer in the...

Spain’s Andalucia in favour of wearing masks until at least August

ANDALUCIA remains in favour of wearing a mask in outdoor spaces until at least August—despite move by central government to end mandatory outdoor wearing...

Juanma Moreno warns of shortage of COVID-19 vaccines in Spain’s Andalucia

JUNTA chief has warned of ‘very adverse circumstances’ if the promised vaccination dosages are not received. According to Moreno, Andalucia needs some 350,000 vaccines per...

BREAKING: Spain’s Andalucia records less than 800 coronavirus cases for second day in a row as incidence rate continues...

ANDALUCIA has recorded less than 800 coronavirus cases for the second day in a row. According to the Junta, a total of 790 positive...

Lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in Spain’s Andalucia this Christmas may differ between provinces or even municipalities

NOT everyone in Andalucia may enjoy a lifting of travel restrictions in December.  That was the warning made today by regional president Juanma Moreno during...

Andalucians living outside the region allowed to return home for Christmas

JUNTA president, Juanma Moreno, has announced that Andalucians who live outside the community for work or studies reasons will be allowed to return home...

Junta President does not rule out travel restrictions in Spain’s Andalucia

After six months, COVID-19 has ‘turned our model of society upside down’.

‘Botellones’ banned in Spain’s Andalucia as Junta to decide on forcing customers to register their details before entering nightlife...

Botellones, considered an ‘unhealthy, harmful and dangerous activity’ to be banned during the pandemic

Andalucia leader for organ donation in Spain during COVID-19 lockdown

The PP leader emphasised the solidarity of Andalucians reflects the compassion felt within the community

Spain’s Andalucia to hire 3,000 unemployed citizens as beach surveillance officers this summer

The Andalucian Partido Popular leader said that the Junta will launch an ‘employment plan for safe beaches 2020.’

Juanma Moreno calls for clarity in criteria for Spain’s Andalucia to advance to Phase 2 on May 25

Moreno demands that the criteria for moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2 be made public

Unions and parents in Spain’s Andalucia outraged by Junta’s proposal that schools re-open in May amid COVID-19 pandemic

The Junta’s proposal to open the schools in mid-May has been met by outrage from Unions and parents.

SHOP TO THE TOP: How did new Andalucia leader Juanma Moreno go from green grocer’s assistant to Junta boss?

Nicknamed the ‘Gilet man’, new Junta leader Juanma Moreno once wanted to be a pop star and grew up impecuniously often working at his dad’s grocery store

Political leaders visit worst flooded areas on Costa del Sol

They are coming to assess damage caused by the devastating weekend floods that claimed the lives of two people





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