THE lack of rainfall and critical drought situation in Malaga means that the province, as the whole of Andalucia, may face water restrictions this coming autumn.

The Junta has announced that if there is no rainfall in the immediate future and the dry conditions remain until September, water restrictions will be put in place.

Spain as a whole is in the grip of a long-term drought after 36 months of below-average rainfall, and with Summer just around the corner and still no rain in sight, authorities are warning that restrictions will be placed on agricultural, industrial, and recreational use of water.

In southern Spain, specifically Malaga which sees a huge increase in water consumption during the summer months, these restrictions are likely to come into force in September and will include a limit on the irrigation of lawns, car washing, filling swimming pools, or hosing down pavement areas.

The possible restrictions are to ensure that critically limited water supplies are distributed in a way that sufficient water is delivered to preserve public health and safety.

The Junta President, Juanma Moreno, has, however, assured that human consumption is guaranteed for a year, or a year and a half.

Malaga’s reservoirs are currently at 34.4% of their capacity. Of the seven reservoirs in Malaga, only one, that of La Concepción, is above 50%. The worst is La Viñuela, which is below 10%.


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