A LARGE parade of all three armed forces in Gibraltar marked the coronation of King Charles III this coming weekend in London.

Service people from the Royal Navy, Air Force and British Army all marched down Main Street to converge at Convent Place on Wednesday evening.

Governor of Gibraltar Sir David Steel saluted the armed forces while Chief Minister Fabian Picardo stood to attention beside him outside the Convent.

After inspecting the assembled troops, both leaders joined in a loud ‘hip-hip hooray’.

“I think this is the first time we have emergency services and all three services,” Steel told GBC.

“It was absolutely fantastic and what a way to start this coronation weekend.”

Marching bands from the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and the Sea Scouts were a big part of the parade in the heart of the British overseas territory.

“We have once again demonstrated how Gibraltar reflects the umbilical nature of the relationship with the United Kingdom,” Picardo told the national broadcaster.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who marched today.”

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Steel said that King Charles III was ‘bringing a bit more of a modern flair’ to his role as British monarch.

“He’s a modern king from a modern era and you can see that in the way he is reaching out to people,” the governor added.

And Picardo denied that the youth were turning their backs on the monarchy, instead praising the British constitutional monarchical system.

Now the pair of Gibraltar leaders will head to London for the official coronation of King Charles III.

It will be the first time that a democratically elected representative of Gibraltar attends a Royal coronation.

“I will be very nervous not to do something that will embarrass Gibraltar,” Picardo admitted at the end of the interview.


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