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It’s Plain Sailing with Boat Insurance by Liberty Seguros

Happy Senior Couple Walking Along Harbor Holding Hands

Your boat has been locked away in storage, and with the sunny weather fast approaching you are itching to get her wet for the first time this season! You get her de-winterized, antifouled and everything gets checked over thoroughly before you experience the exhilarating feeling of taking her out to your favorite spots. Even though you have taken care of all the physical aspects to make sure your rides will be pleasurable and trouble free, it is easy to forget to take care of any unforeseen and above all unhappy events that might occur whilst taking your prized possession for a spin.

Happy Senior Couple Walking Along Harbor Holding Hands

Nevertheless, regardless of whether you own a dinghy, jet ski or a luxury super yacht, taking care of the body work and mechanics is only one aspect that goes towards assuring your safety. Sailing is a sport of variables and the unforeseen can unfortunately happen; however, having the right cover in place with an insurance company that you can trust will go towards preparing you for any eventuality.

This is where LIBERTY SEGUROS – the preferred expat insurer in Spain – can help.

LIBERTY SEGUROS has designed a policy with the expat in mind that extends far beyond mandatory liability cover. With added benefits that include voluntary public liability, theft, damage to the vessel itself (as well as auxiliary craft, wreckage removal, special fixtures and personal belongings, amongst others), damage caused by third parties and damage due to pollution risks and coastal regattas, its marine insurance provides comprehensive protection both when moored and out on the seas.

What’s more, should the unimaginable actually happen, its marine policy will cover loss of life, permanent disability and injury to occupants for accidents that take place both on the boat as well as accidents that occur whilst boarding or disembarking. This policy can also be tailored to individual needs to cover solicitor’s fees, medical bills, loss of wages and other aspects that are important to you. LIBERTY SEGUROS can also insure your vessel under the traditional Institute Yacht Clauses (IYC).

To feel safe and protected at sea, contact LIBERTY SEGUROS. Call 91 342 25 49 or visit www.libertyexpatriates.es for more information or for the name of your nearest Agent/Broker.

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