Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Coronavirus peak expected ‘in the next week’ as tests increase

THE Minister for Public Health expects a big increase in Covid-19 cases next week, especially after random testing is carried out.

Coronavirus cases up to 65 in Gibraltar with on the spot fines ‘possible’

Ministers have pleaded with the public to not abuse of freedoms provided by its social lockdown or they will be forced to allow on the spot fines.

NO ENTRY: German tourists sailing on catamaran to Gibraltar BLOCKED from making ‘pitstop’ in Spain’s Mallorca

The couple attempted to dock their boat in Port'dAndratx despite the island being on lockdown

Gibraltar starts mass testing to find out Coronavirus spread

THE Gibraltar Health Authority will be testing a portion of the population to see the reach of the Coronavirus in the community after recent case rises.

Gibraltar hospital worker in court for ‘stealing hundreds of pounds worth of medical and cleaning supplies’ amid coronavirus outbreak

A GIBRALTAR hospital worker allegedly stole hundreds of pounds worth of medical and cleaning supplies amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  Ana Gingell, 53, is accused...

CORONAVIRUS: Nine new cases in Gibraltar as of today

There have now been a total of 35 cases of Coronavirus in Gibraltar, with 13 of them having fully recovered although that number could go up further.

BREAKING: Active Coronavirus cases more than double in Gibraltar

THE number of confirmed cases in Gibraltar has risen to 26 from yesterday’s 15, with 21 being active, according to latest figures just announced by the GHA.

Gibraltar workers to get over £1,000 a month in Coronavirus pay

‘Everyone who works in our economy’ will be rewarded with a living wage during the crisis ‘to put food on the table’, said the Gibraltar Chief Minister.

LOCKDOWN in Gibraltar from Tuesday morning as Coronavirus spikes

No-one will be able to leave their homes unless it is for work exercise or taking their kids to the schools for day care as the 15 cases test positive.

Long before Antonio Banderas, another hot Spanish actor was the toast of Hollywood and he came from the Campo...

CALLE Actor Antonio Moreno at the back of Mercadona is not the most beautiful street in Los Barrios

CORONAVIRUS: Still a low number of confirmed cases in Gibraltar for now

A total of ten people have contracted Covid-19 in Gibraltar, many cases are thought to be by local transmission.

Gibraltar’s derelict Old Casino has been given another roll of the dice thanks to the vision of the Rock’s...

Lady luck has finally turned up, albeit in the shape of a man - one who happens to be the Rock’s richest resident and something of a gambler himself

Gibraltar Parliament agree to £500m Coronavirus emergency budget

THE Gibraltar Government could borrow up to 500 million pounds for Coronavirus aid if the community requires it in the coming months.

BREAKING: Schools to become child care centres from next Monday

Gibraltar's schools will close up this Friday after dropping attendance, instead being used for children to have a place to stay while parents are at work.

BREAKING: Gibraltar government planning to put in place an EMERGENCY budget for next few months

THE Government of Gibraltar has convened a meeting of Parliament for an emergency budget on Friday.

CORONAVIRUS: Gibraltar brings in new law to keep elderly in their homes

Cabinet decide to stop elderly movement as frontier closes on the Rock and and local volunteer get the chance to help out in Coronavirus struggle.

More Gibraltar medics to be trained to fight against COVID-19

Additional Gibraltar medical staff are trained to fight Coronavirus as the pandemic threatens to strike at the heart of the community.

CORONAVIRUS: The four signs that you to look out for in Gibraltar

The Director of Health has issued four indicators that mean you will need to self-isolate and call 111 on the Rock, especially if you are vulnerable.

CORONAVIRUS: Gibraltar father unable to collect sons from Spain

TWO sons were separated from their father for a few hours after the Spanish police prevented him from picking them up with more chaos expected on Monday.

BREAKING: People being STOPPED entering Spain and Gibraltar

Only Spanish workers with contracts will be allowed to Gibraltar as Gibraltarians are also turned back at the frontier with Spain as the crisis grows.

CORONAVIRUS: All Gibraltar restaurants, bars and cafes to shut from Monday

ALL restaurants will be closed to the public from this Monday on Gibraltar Government orders to prevent the spread of Coronavirus on the Rock.

CORONAVIRUS: Now is the time to take action, says Gibraltar minister

Stopping the virus before its spreads is better than waiting until it is too late, the Minister for Public Health told the Olive Press in an exclusive interview.

BREAKING: ‘Most of us will get Coronavirus, but we will recover’, says Gibraltar Chief Minister

The Chief Minister expects 'most' of Gibraltar to get the Coronavirus but he wants to 'protect the most vulnerable', who will find it hardest to recover.

CORONAVIRUS: Gibraltar businesses ask for help to overcome crisis

BUSINESSES in Gibraltar have asked for government aid in an exclusive Olive Press report after a Chamber of Commerce SOS message.

CORONAVIRUS: Gibraltar bars, restaurants and nightclubs to SHUT at 8pm every day

All Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs to close early in the evening everyday from from tonight to stop the spread of Coronavirus on the Rock.

CORONAVIRUS: Gibraltar government cash counters close as schools stay open

Advice has been given to avoid religious services, ceremonies and large social occasions while the government limit public transport stop the lottery.