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Reservoirs in Spain’s Malaga over 50% capacity with only one remaining in ‘critical’ state

SPRING in the province of Malaga has brought abundant rain and with it eased the situation in the reservoirs in the province, which had...

New pollution ‘catastrophe’ warning for Mar Menor lagoon in Spain’s Murcia region

MURCIA'S Mar Menor lagoon is facing a new 'environmental catastrophe' according to a local council. Recent heavy rainfall and rising temperatures has led to increased...

Restaurants and bars across Spain are now required by law to offer free tap water 

FOR years campaigners have been calling for Spain to make it a legal obligation to provide free tap water on demand at bars and...

Project to restore ancient Arab irrigation system underway in Spain’s Sierra Nevada

AN ancient islamic waterway in the Sierra Nevada built by Muslim peasant farmers more than a thousand years ago is being restored. The project is...

Spain’s Axarquia to receive water from the western Costa del Sol to battle ‘exceptional drought’ despite recent rains

DESPITE recent rains, the water reservoir at La Viñuela, which supplies the Axarquia region, continues in a state of ‘exceptional drought.’ The transfer of resources...

Recent rainfall leaves four times more water than average for March in Spain’s Malaga

MARCH has been the wettest month of the hydrological year so far, seeing four times more rain than average for this time of the...

Drying up: Water disputes springing up as major drought stares Spain in the face 

THE crumbling walls of a once-submerged village rising from the cracked mud of a dried up reservoir have become a powerful symbol of the...

Dry January raises drought fears in not-so rainy Spain as reservoir capacity goes down to 44%

THE second-driest January of the 21st century has sparked fresh fears of a drought in Spain. The government conceded this Tuesday that it was monitoring...

New €60,000 drinking water network for town in Orihuela Costa region of Spain

HURCHILLO, south of Orihuela, is to renew the drinking water network that serves many parts of the town. Ángel Noguera, Councillor for Infrastructure, announced €59,621...

Sucked dry: How water theft to irrigate farmland is draining Spain’s precious wetlands and causing irreversible ecological damage

Environmentalists have sounded a harsh warning over illegal water extraction that is threatening to drain Spain’s wetland reserves and cause irreversible ecological damage.

EU to help fund €1.2 billion conservation project saving agriculture in Spain’s Valencia Region

SAFEGUARDING economic sustainability and water supplies in the Valencian region is to cost 1.2 BILLION euros, with the help of the EU. A new Valencian...

Spain arrests 107 people for illegally extracting water from wells

THE Guardia Civil have arrested 107 people for the illegal extraction of water.

Spain’s tap water among Europe’s most DANGEROUS, study finds, increasing risk of bladder cancer

SPAIN is one of the countries in Europe with the most dangerous tap water, it has been revealed.

WATCH: Film reveals Spain’s secret chemical POISONING of natural water sources along Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, in Balearic...

Police have carried 1028 inspections after 101 environmental incidents were reported, including 25 ‘illegal spills’ of chemicals

NEW law in Spain’s Andalucia allows 300,000 illegal homes AFO status, granting expats water and electricity access

The development will allow some of the many expats, who were duped into buying what they thought was a normal home, connection to water or electricity

Tourist rescued after spending TWO days trapped in Costa del Sol cave without food or water

The 23-year-old man was on holiday in Mijas when he got lost hiking in the Rancho de la Paz area

EU STINK!: Andalucia to blame for Spain’s sewage treatment problem as country handed €12 million fine

SPAIN has been fined €12 million by the EU for failing to deal with its sewage water properly - and the majority of offending...

Aguas Channeled brothers avoid sentencing after paying back €3 million

THE FOUR brothers who run Alcudia's Aguas Channeled water company have been absolved of 'their' tax crimes after paying more than €3 million in...

Protests held over contaminated ‘brown water’ on Mallorca beach

A GROUP of neighbours has protested over contamination of one of the island’s most popular bathing spots. Dozens held up placards to demand action after...

Airports in Spain to reduce price of bottled water following angry customer complaints

Bottled water will be capped at €1 and has already been implemented at seven airports

WINTER IS COMING: So you better wrap up or face the cold

It even snowed on the beach in Barcelona and I’m surprised that Carles Puigdemont didn’t blame that as some sort of underhand tactic by Madrid, ‘freezing out’ an independent Catalunya.

REVEALED: Cities in Spain with the highest water bills, including Marbella and Malaga

THE cities with the highest water bills have been revealed in a new nation-wide study.  The price of water in Spanish municipalities, provincial capitals, autonomous...

Malaga ‘floaters’ are 90% air and water and sea water is of ‘excellent quality’, new study finds

YOU may have noticed patches of a brown substance floating in the sea off the coast of Malaga this year and mistaken the creamy-like...

Almost 800 Malaga homes left without water for days after bubbly washing detergent spilled into well supply

RESIDENTS in Malaga have been left foaming after a washing detergent spill has left them without water since Monday. Some 740 homes in Miraflores, El...

Green group urges investigation into potential unlawful water extraction in superintensive olive grove in Almeria

Ecologistas en Accion has urged the Spanish Prosecution Service to investigate the unnamed business, which is currently carrying out suspicious activity in a super intensive olive grove in Sorbas, Almeria

Axarquia’s water company commits to recycling and reducing consumption

They have pledged to improve water purification facilities at La Vinuela reservoir and waste water from the coastal municipalities.





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