WITH extreme temperatures, little rain, and low water reserves, more and more municipalities in Malaga are limiting water usage.

Benalmádena, Alhaurín de la Torre, Rincon de la Victoria and Cartama have joined the long list of Malaga municipalities suffering from various restrictions on the universal supply of drinking water.

The idea is to cut water consumption by 10% across the province, while minimising the impact on the daily activity of the tourism sector and of local residents.

For this, each municipality is implement different measures in order to help tackle the drought crisis affecting Malaga province

Here’s the round-up so far:

The water supply to 50% of the beach showers and footbaths in Torremolinos has been cut off. The measure, which will affect 25 of the 50 showers on the beaches and will last until August 31.

In addition, Torremolinos city council has also reduced water consumption for the irrigation of green areas by 30%.

Rincon de la Victoria has cut off water supply to it all its beach facilities. Other restrictions in the municipality also include restricting the watering of gardens, parks, street washing and the filling or refilling of private swimming pools.

Ronda has banned the use of drinking water for filling swimming pools, watering gardens and washing cars.

Meanwhile, Fuengirola is cleaning its streets with non-potable water and Benalmadena will review implementing possible water restrictions every week, so far the municipal has been agreed to a 35% reduction in water used for street washing, a 10% reduction in the watering of parks and gardens and it also plans to modify the automatic buttons on the showers on the beaches, to reduce the time and / or pressure of the water.

Alhaurín de la Torre restricts the non-essential use of drinking water for the washing of streets, pavements, patios, facades or any other surface, as well as the washing of vehicles outside authorised establishments.

Cártama has reduced watering to one day per week and has cut supply to fountains.

Velez-Malaga has turned the tap off in the showers in the changing rooms of the three municipal swimming pools.

Additionally, as local authorities move to prohibit the refilling of swimming pools, several have closed in Axarquia, as reported by the Association of Property Administrators in the area.

So far the mayor of Malaga city, Francisco de la Torre, rules out water cuts as in Axarquia, but calls for austerity and Marbella has convened the drought committee, but does not yet plan to limit water to its beach facilities.


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