A BARCELONA area robbery gang went on holiday to Alicante province and spent their vacation stealing from businesses including thousands of condoms.

Three men aged between 27 and 38 from Sabadell based themselves at an Alicante area home belonging to a relative.

One of the group had recently been released from prison for similar crimes and the others had arrest histories related to burglaries.

The ringleader was arrested driving back north in Castellon in a refrigerated van containing 21,600 condoms and 193 pairs of women’s sandals.

He drew attention to himself by filling up at an Alicante province gas station without paying.

Out of their holiday base, the gang moved their way through industrial estates in Alicante, Albacete, Murcia and Valencia, in search of new targets.

The three men dressed themselves in reflective work uniforms like those worn by logistic company staff, and also wore masks to avoid being recognised.

They hit two Alicante area companies in the same day and stole six air conditioning units.

Besides the ringleader, the Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional arrested a second man, with a third still at large.

The condoms and sandals have been returned to their rightful owners.

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