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Baby boy dies after father allegedly smashed its head into cot bars in Spain’s Valencian Community

A BABY died two days after his 20-year-old father allegedly smashed its head against the bars of his cot at their Valencian...

Nine deaths and almost 1,000 new COVID-19 cases throughout Spain’s Valencia region

SPAIN’S Valencian Community has suffered 960 new coronavirus infections, bringing the cumulative number to 30,906 people. Details published last...

How to get a new beach home in Spain for just €5 – and no strings attached!

YOU can now get a home in Spain for just €5... well, if you're lucky that is.  It's all thanks to a pioneering business dedicated...

Imam mastermind behind Barcelona attack was ordered to leave Spain after prison sentence but judge let him stay to...

THE Imam accused of being the mastermind behind the Barcelona terrorist attacks was ordered to leave Spain after finishing a prison sentence for drug...

Spain’s empty homes to be filled in three years

There are currently 389,000 vacant new builds across the country

Game of Thrones returns to Spain to film next season after Sevilla success

The hit series is heading back to Spain for season six

Ryanair to offer a lifeline to Spain’s ghost airport

Ryanair will become the first airline to operate flights from Castellon's airport

Art forgers ring smashed in Spain

A total of 27 faked artworks worth €1.2 million were recovered from raids in Castellon

Former PP politician Carlos Fabra begins prison sentence for tax avoidance

He famously built the ghost airport in Castellon, which has never seen a plane take off or land

Spanish government tries to dodge cost of earthquake-damage gas-storage site

Owned by Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, the site is demanding €1.4 billion in compensation

Spain’s most wanted arrested in Britain

Police are investigating how the Romanian managed to get to Britain while on Spain's top ten Most Wanted list

Women given course on how to change their personality

Spanish feminists have slammed a course in Onda that instructs women how to change their personalities to help their relationship

Black Sunday for drownings in Spain

Three people, including a British toddler, drowned on Sunday

Spain’s motorway robbers arrested

Modern-day highwaymen who carried out a string of violent robberies on Spanish motorways have been arrested

Spain’s hidden housing glut

A private study shows the problem of unsold houses in Andalucia is worse than thought


400 dogs to sniff out COVID-19 in Spain’s Barcelona

Canine handlers ensure that the dogs' reliability is up to PCR. It takes about one minute for the animals to smell the samples and another ten seconds to confirm the result.