Residents of Valladolid (Castilla y Leon) and 10 towns within its province are consuming non-drinkable water. 

The water in these municipalities has nitrate levels over 50 mg/l, which makes it not fit for human consumption according to the WHO. 

The study was undertaken by the environmental group Ecologistas en Accion, having examined water conditions in 74 towns. 

The municipalities affected by an excessive nitrate concentration are Valladolid (77 mg/l), Castromonte (73 mg/l), La Mudarra (65 mg/l), Villanubla (65 mg/l), Peñaflor de Hornija (64 mg/l), Nueva Villa de las Torres (62 mg/l), Villaverde de Medina (55 mg/l), Vega de Valdetronco (54 mg/l), San Salvador de Hornija (54 mg/l), Gallegos de Hornija (52 mg/l) and Pedrosa del rey (52 mg/l). 

“The pollution has its origins in the excessive use of nitrogen fertilisers in agriculture and in the proliferation of macro-farms,” Ecologistas en Accion said. 

They insisted: “The situation is particularly serious, as this contamination can be irreversible in groundwater.”

The environmental group has called for immediate action to be taken by the Health Department. 

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