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Socialists fuming over PP-VOX coalition repainting white an LGTB coloured zebra crossing in Mallorca 

CONTROVERSY is served in Calvia (Mallorca) as the recently formed PP-VOX local government has had a zebra crossing displaying the colours of the LGTB...

Gas explosion leaves one dead, 14 injured in Spain’s northwestern city of Valladolid

A SUSPECTED gas explosion in the northwestern Spanish city of Valladolid left one woman dead and 14 people injured on Tuesday night. The body...

UFC fighter Conor McGregor wades into climate row involving Spanish minister

AN UNLIKELY figure has waded into a row playing out in Spain involving the environmental transition minister, Teresa Ribera. Irish mixed martial artist and...

Spain’s Civil Guard busts gang who stole from football players while they were training

SPAIN’S Civil Guard has arrested four people on suspicion of stealing at least 123 cellphones for a value of €60,000 from an unusual target:...

Locals in over 10 Castilla y Leon municipalities are drinking non-potable water 

Residents of Valladolid (Castilla y Leon) and 10 towns within its province are consuming non-drinkable water.  The water in these municipalities has nitrate levels over...

Elderly ‘lone wolf’ arrested for sending letter bombs in Spain

THE Policia Nacional have arrested a former Vitoria City Council official for sending six letter bombs late last year. The 74-year-old Spaniard was detained on...

Heroic police dog pounces on gunman to end armed siege in Spain’s Murcia

ONE of Spain's top police dogs helped to bring an end to a 36-hour armed siege in Murcia on Saturday. Elko works for the Policia...

Police investigators think that series of letterbombs sent to targets in Spain may have come from Valladolid province

INVESTIGATORS in Spain believe that a series of letterbombs sent to embassies and the prime minister last week may have come from Valladolid province.  So...

Travelling robbery gang strikes across Spain and sells off stolen goods to foreign buyers

A highly-specialised travelling band of robbers operating in five provinces have been caught red-handed after breaking into a Castellon area home. The three Georgian nationals...

WATCH: Chinese space junk lights up the sky across Spain sparking flurry of UFO reports

IF you looked up in the clear night sky just after midnight on Monday night you may have spotted a string of fireballs streaking...

TV football pirates hit by police raids to stop illegal screenings of La Liga matches in Spain

THE Policia Nacional have arrested 166 people in a big push against illegal football match screenings in hospitality establishments across Spain. Those detained were business...

Police praise ‘noble’ young man for returning bag full of cash found in street in Spain’s Valladolid

THE temptation must have been enormous. But after finding a bag containing close to €14,000 in a bag in the street, one young man...

First tomb of explorer Christopher Columbus discovered in Spain’s Valladolid

ALTHOUGH the true origins of the 15th century navigator are still uncertain, researchers believe they can pinpoint his original resting place before his remains...

BRA ROW sparked transgender attack on lingerie shop assistant in Spain’s Valladolid

A transgender customer has been given a six month prison sentence after hitting a shop assistant who would not let her put on a...

Spanish man arrested over rape of British teenage girl in park in Spain

The pair are reported to have met during a night out in the city

‘PANTING INTENSELY’: Dog in Spain dies of suffocation and heatstroke on balcony before owner arrested

A vet confirmed the cause of death as ‘suffocation due to strangulation’, adding that ‘heat stroke’ could have also been a factor

A shop in Valladolid is popping corks in the world of architecture after basing its design around wine bottles.

Vinas & Viandas, created by Zooco Estudio, is a cave-like structure in the city centre using elements based on wine bottles and barrels. Wine racks...

Ryanair has just announced three new routes from Spain

PASSENGERS will now be able to fly between Palma and Santander, Valladolid and Zaragoza.  The new routes will operate during June to September this year and...

‘Obsessed’ British teacher arrested in Spain for allegedly sharing ‘sexual’ pictures of his students with paedophiles online

A BRITISH teacher has been arrested in Spain for allegedly sharing pictures of his students with paedophiles online.  Spanish cops said the suspect, from Manchester,...

Nick Clegg’s Spanish wife Miriam Gonzalez Durantez hits out after being called ‘Mrs Clegg’

Miriam Gonzalez Durantez criticised the letter for not using her own name, which she said was ‘ironic’ as it was an invitation to an International Women’s Day event

British butlers being flown in to run Spanish hotel

The butlers have been hand-picked from Her Majesty’s royal staff

TripAdvisor users name world’s top hotels for 2016

The best-reviewed hotels in the world have been unveiled by TripAdvisor

Thousands of protesters attend Spain’s controversial bull-spearing Toro de la Vega festival

10,000 animal rights protesters are predicted to voice their discontent at today’s controversial bull event in Valladolid

Exorcist priest arrested in Spain

A priest who allegedly performed 13 exorcisms on an anorexic girl has been arrested

Nick Clegg’s wife Miriam Gonzalez promises she only has one kitchen

Valladolid-born Gonzalez admits she only has ONE kitchen, unlike political contemporary Justine Thornton, wife of Ed Miliband




Zara founder and Spain’s richest man Armancio Ortega at loggerheads with owners of historic Glasgow restaurant over astronomical repair...

SPAIN’S richest man has been attracting the scorn of Scotsmen after being blamed for water leaks that have caused catastrophic damage to a beloved...


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