CONTROVERSY is served in Calvia (Mallorca) as the recently formed PP-VOX local government has had a zebra crossing displaying the colours of the LGTB flag repainted white. 

Calvia’s PSOE, previously in office, have slammed the right-wing coalition for the decision. 

“PP and Vox did it again and have removed the flag that represents freedom for many Calvia residents,” the socialists said on Twitter, now called X. 

However, the town’s Association of Businesses and Workers (Emytra), argue that the new measure is complying with the existing legislation. 

“The General Traffic Regulations, in force since 2003, state that no other colour than white can be used in a zebra crossing, so the town hall is just following a law that had been broken before,” they said. 

This colourful controversy reminds of a similar situation that occurred in Spain’s Valladolid right after the May 28 local elections. 

The new PP-VOX coalition removed a large LGBT flag from the balcony of the city hall, previously run by PSOE. 

While the Socialist Party in the city believes the removal of the flag is an attack against freedom, from the PP they argue that they are just following the law, which states that only the Spanish flag can be displayed in public buildings. 

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