A highly-specialised travelling band of robbers operating in five provinces have been caught red-handed after breaking into a Castellon area home.

The three Georgian nationals were arrested by the Policia Nacional who found the men with jewellery, cash, and a safe.

The gang burglarised homes in the Castellon, Madrid, Malaga, Valencia, and Valladolid areas.

Break In Gear
BREAK-IN GEAR(Policia Nacional image)

Stolen goods were then sold off abroad by the men who travelled frequently to France, Germany and Poland with an eager list of contacts interested in buying the illegally-obtained items.

The robbers used rented cars and carried bogus ID documents on their crime trips around Spain.

They got people to rent homes on their behalf in different cities from which they travelled to rural areas to commit their break-ins at mainly farm properties.

Markers like ‘invisible’ threads were placed on front doors to lay the ground work for a robbery.

They’d return at night or at weekends, and if the thread had not been broken, it was the green light to go ahead in the knowledge that the building was unoccupied.

The police recovered a large amount of stolen items in the operation as well as tools used to open locks.

The three men have been jailed with further arrests not being ruled out.


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