TRAGIC: After a dog in Spain died of suffocation and heatstroke its owner was arrested

A WOMAN has been arrested after her dog died from strangulation and heatstroke amid the European heatwave.

The 27-year-old known as SVT was cuffed on alleged charges of animal abuse after her ‘dying’ pet was spotted on a balcony in Valladolid.

After police officers saw the animal ‘panting intensely’ and could not break in, firefighters were called to rescue the animal.

HEATWAVE: The dog died as a heatwave has been scorching Europe

But the dog could not be saved, after it had been tethered to balcony railings in the sun at the property in Calle Caamaño.

A vet confirmed the cause of death as ‘suffocation due to strangulation’, adding that ‘heat stroke’ could have also been a factor.

The woman was later released from custody due to the state of her health.


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