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Three Latin gang members set free after shooting a 15-year-old rival in Madrid 

THREE members of a Latin gang will not be remanded in custody after murdering a 15-year-old in Villaverde (Madrid).  The accused, two men and a...

Guardia Civil in custody after having 8 kg of hash allegedly seized from her storage room in Albacete 

A GUARDIA Civil officer has been remanded in custody after she was allegedly found in possession of 8 kg of hash in Albacete last...

Pique considering legal action after children appear in Shakira’s latest music video

A NEW legal skirmish could be looming between Shakira and her ex-partner Gerard Pique, after the couple’s two children appeared in the latest music...

Mother arrested for killing young son and abusing twin brother on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A 27-month-old boy died in Bigastro on Saturday and his twin brother suffered various injuries after alleged systematic assaults by their mother. A woman, 32,...

Belgian man kidnaps young son and brings him to Spain’s Costa Blanca

A Belgian man has been arrested for child abduction after fleeing with his two-year-old son to Spain. The man, 50, was detained by the Policia...

Mother regularly suffocated baby as excuse for hospital visits on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A 24-year-old Alicante woman has been arrested for allegedly mistreating her baby daughter by depriving her of air as a pretext for regular hospital...

Boy, 5, rushed to Costa Blanca hospital in Spain for drug poisoning including cocaine

A five-year-old boy was rushed to Alicante General Hospital and treated for poisoning after taking benzodiazepine tablets. The number of pills he ingested was not...
mother and child in rural setting. Photo: Paul/Flickr

Outrage after mother loses custody of toddler because she lives in rural Spain ‘miles from anywhere’

A JUDGE who awarded custody of a one-year-old boy to the father instead of the mother because she lived in a ‘backwards’ area of...

‘SPAIN’S GEORGE FLOYD’: Video of young black man’s death in custody at hands of SIX officers sparks outrage

A LEAKED video showing the death of an 18-year-old Moroccan teenager in care has raised questions over Spain's youth detention system. The family of Iliass...

‘PANTING INTENSELY’: Dog in Spain dies of suffocation and heatstroke on balcony before owner arrested

A vet confirmed the cause of death as ‘suffocation due to strangulation’, adding that ‘heat stroke’ could have also been a factor




Drink driver is ACQUITTED of killing British expat, 39, in hit-and-run in Spain’s Mallorca – despite being TWICE over...

A PALMA court has backed a lower court verdict that cleared a motorist of running over a British expat at a pedestrian crossing- despite...


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