A Belgian man has been arrested for child abduction after fleeing with his two-year-old son to Spain.

The man, 50, was detained by the Policia Nacional in Alicante and had a European Arrest Warrant issued against him.

Officers on a roadside patrol got suspicious when they spotted his Belgian-plated car packed with belongings.

The child was with him and a database check revealed that he was wanted by Belgian authorities.

The man was in a dispute with his ex-wife who had principal custody of their son.

He nevertheless had some access and should have dropped the boy off at a nursery in early April.

He broke the agreement and drove to Antwerp where caught a ferry to Mallorca.

From that point, his whereabouts were unknown until he was picked up by police in Alicante.

The father faces up to five years in a Belgian prison.

His son has been cared for by social services until his mother arrives to be reunited with him.


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