A man surprised police by grabbing 40 winks on a mattress that he placed in the middle of a Murcia region street.

The strange incident happened on Sunday night in Jumilla.

A local resident called the Policia Local with news that a man was sleeping on a mattress on Avenida Yecla close to the Pipa Bar.

A patrol went to the scene and confirmed the report.

Sleeping Man
LAND OF NOD(Jumilla Policia Local image)

They saw the middle-aged man sleeping peacefully on the mattress along with a pillow to make things more comfortable for him.

He was raised from his slumber by officers and told them that he was ‘having a rest’.

He required no medical assistance and appeared to be perfectly fine.

Police issued a ticket against him along with a strong warning about sleeping in the street.

The man then picked up the mattress and pillow and headed off.


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