THREE members of a Latin gang will not be remanded in custody after murdering a 15-year-old in Villaverde (Madrid). 

The accused, two men and a woman in their early 20s, are members of the Dominicans Don’t Play (DDP) criminal group while the victim was part of a rival Latin gang, the Triniatrians.  

The deceased was allegedly having a conversation with a friend at a local park when a car stopped near them. 

A young man stepped down the vehicle and without saying a word, fired two shots at the teenager, who died on the stop. 

The gunman also injured the victim’s friend, who had to be taken to hospital. 

Police investigation displayed the hierarchical organisation of the gang. 

One of the arrested was in charge of getting the car, whilst the woman’s function was driving the vehicle to the crime scene. 

While the task of the second man was the victim’s execution. 

Policia Nacional agents searched three flats in Madrid’s neighbourhood of Alcobendas, where the three gangsters lived. 

They were arrested but will not be remanded in custody.

“They are free until a trial takes place,” a Policia Nacional spokeswoman told the Olive Press

When asked for the reason three dangerous people are free the agent said ‘I cannot comment on judicial decisions.’ 

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