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Man in Spain’s Valencia facing jail term, fine for text blaming LGBTQ+ community as origin of monkeypox 

A PUBLIC prosecutor in Valencia is seeking a two-and-a-half-year jail term for a man who blamed the LGBTQ+ community for being the origin of...

Spain’s Benidorm features as one of seven Alicante locations in the Top 100 Greenest Places of Europe

BENIDORM and six other Alicante towns feature in a study that reveals the greenest places in Europe. Elda, Alicante, Elche, Torrevieja, Benidorm, Alcoy and San...

FAT FIGHTERS: EU enforces limit on artificial trans fats in food products

Fried fast food is the most infamous culprit, although artificial trans fats can also be found in certain types of margarines and vegetable oils, bakery products and frozen pizzas, among others.

WHO advises to wear face masks in public in order to combat coronavirus

THE World Health Organization (WHO) has changed its advice on face masks, saying that they should be worn in public in order to halt the spread of coronavirus.

Spain’s parents SLAM school dinners as 94% say canteens ‘need improvement’ amid obesity epidemic

The findings will make tough reading for schools, as just 24% of parents said that school dinners came with information about the ingredients used

Spanish girls second most obese in Europe and boys fourth most, as Mediterranean diet in decline

A ‘decline’ in the Mediterranean diet, which includes, fish, nuts, olive oil, fruit and vegetables, has been blamed by scientists for the poor results of Spain

Spain has one of smallest number of food-related deaths in world

It comes after it emerged in February that Spain is the world’s healthiest country, following analysis by Bloomberg

Blowing in the wind: Does pollution on Gibraltar’s border with Spain cause increased cancer rates?

Black clouds of pollution billow daily from the industrial chimneys of the Campo de Gibraltar. Is it all merely hot air or a smoking gun for cancer? The Olive Press investigates

KILLER AIR: Andalucia Junta denounced for ‘failing’ to battle toxic air as Cadiz and Campo de Gibraltar revealed to...

          ENVIRONMENTAL groups are taking legal action against the Junta for ‘failing to tackle toxic air’ in the Campo de Gibraltar. Ecologistas en Accion has...

TOXIC: 97% of Spain exposed to ‘unacceptable’ levels of air pollution

ONLY 3% of the entire Spanish nation enjoy air quality that meets World Health Organisation standards. And according to the WHO’s latest shocking report, the...

Gibraltar officially the fourth most polluted part of the UK, but government blames African dust

The Gibraltar Government pointed to what it said were contributing factors that could not be controlled

Europeans to live two years longer by 2030

A new infographic by the World Health Organization has compared life expectancy now to predicted expectancy in 2030

Reports by leading health agency leaves questions about health benefits of coffee

Hot coffee at once reduces and increases a drinker’s risk of cancer

A third of Spain’s most polluted places are in Andalucia, WHO says

Puerto Real is the most polluted place in the country, while La Linea comes third

OPINION: Safe to breathe

This month’s eye-opening WHO report into global air standards should be heeded urgently by the authorities

New WHO report says Spain has the fourth highest life expectancy in the world

The report shows that global life expectancy has increased by five years since 2000

Iberico hams are becoming increasingly sought after worldwide

Spain's prized Iberico hams can’t cure fast enough for China

Heavy air pollution affects 16.8 million Spaniards

A significant amount of the Spanish population are breathing in dangerous levels of pollutants

UPDATE: Hospital staff blame first European Ebola case on substandard equipment

A Spanish nurse has twice tested positive for the disease, blamed on hospital failure to follow protocol

Second Spanish priest to contract Ebola flown to Madrid hospital

The 69-year-old had been working in a hospital in Sierra Leone

BREAKING: Spanish ebola victim dies

The priest underwent four days of experimental treatment with the drug ZMapp

Diesel fumes as deadly as arsenic, says WHO

Experts have reclassified diesel fumes from ‘probable’ carcinogens

Measles surge leads to calls for earlier vaccinations

Last year there were five times as many cases than the previous year

Spanish cucumbers are not to blame for the E.coli outbreak

Spain is now seeking compensation

Spanish noise

Many a writer on Spain has commented on what a noisy country it is. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Spain is the second noisiest country in the world after Japan




Three youngsters in Spain found guilty of the biggest ever fraud against Amazon in Europe

THREE 22-year-olds from Mallorca have been convicted for what has been described as the biggest fraud against online retailer Amazon ever seen in Europe.  The...


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