16 Oct, 2014 @ 10:40
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Heavy air pollution affects 16.8 million Spaniards

A THIRD of the Spanish population are breathing air above European-wide pollution levels.

More than 16.8 million people – 36% of the population – have been exposed to dangerous levels of pollutants, with diesel engines being the main source.

Green group Ecologists in Action has also warned that 95% of Spaniards have been exposed to unhealthy pollution levels, taking into account the stricter recommendations made by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

“International health authorities estimate the number of premature deaths [in Spain] to be 20,000 a year,” due to complications arising from air pollution, said Miguel Angel Ceballos, one of the report coordinators.

Jacqueline Fanchini (Reporter)

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  1. Those thinking of moving to Spain for a healthier lifestyle should bear in mind that even in rural areas, the air quality pcan be appalling. I have spoken to two people just this week with respitory problems caused by bonfires and other illegal burnings. It’s not just cars; Spain has an obsession with bonfires and dump burning.

  2. Given that car sales are surging in Spain (new car sales rose by 26% in February) then this could well be a major issue to address.. Expect to see further measures against car drivers in the bigger city centres.

  3. “new car sales rose by 26% in February”

    The 25% unemployed aren’t buying them. All that has changed is that Spain has, in pure desperation, to lend again to try and kickstart their failed economy, so it’s back to the old debt-based scenario.

  4. “new car sales rose by 26% in February” admits Fred, who scrambles around for some negative jibe against Spain. Hint – unemployment is now coming down (jobs are being created again in construction) so you won’t even have that straw to clutch to much longer. As to debt-based scenario, is there any EU country that has spent a trillion on bank bailouts and QE, apart from the UK? Nope, not even close.

    • Squiddy, if you want to change the topic away from air pollution to the economy that’s fine. The end of the crisis has not arrived. I supposed you missed the news from the general secretary of the UGT union in Málaga, Auxiliadora Jiménez, who yesterday stated, and I quote, “We are not exiting the crisis. The reality is we are taking about poverty, and not only among those who don’t have a job. The labour market is dominated by precarious contracts, low wages, and labour exploitation. To talk about recovery is misleading and insulting for millions of people”.

      Sums it up perfectly really. Is Mr Jiménez making negative jibes against his own country too? Your arguments are so quickly defeated it’s quite pathetic. You must work for the PP (Propoganda Party).

  5. Fred Sefanjo why do you sorry lot not go to UK and stay there? We are tired to read your anti Spannish rants.
    Olive Press gets a bad name amongst people having your and a few other communists dominating the chats using your bent reality in your arguments. I feel sorry for you brainless lot who only survive on a internet connection using wikipedia.

  6. uuurgh! you’re like a Terminator troll Fred.

    Still the same I see, and still living in Spain, the country and its people you can’t stand

    what an ‘orrible man!

  7. Ah my old mate Derek, the man who advised people to “ask a local” to find out if their house was illegal or not lol.

    My quote came from a Spaniard. Put your reading glasses back on. People want the truth, not some half-baked nonsense from a person who knows less about Spain than my pet cat.

  8. So all the leading indicators are turning positive – economic growth up, house sales at long last up, even employment in the construction sector is now rising. You can read this wherever you like, whether in the Wall Street Journal, Spanish papers, the Economist or Bloomberg- or ask any financial body. But Fred quotes a union bloke, so we’re supposed to believe him! This is really poor stuff – I remember the days when Freddie and the doomsters were coming out with stuff like “Spain forced to leave the Euro”, “Santander bank to go under”, “Foreign office to evacuate expats from Spain” etc etc etc. Wrong every single time. And he still accuses others of talking nonsense! The tide has changed – get used to it.

    • House sales are up and construction is picking up, so obviously the crisis is over. Simplistic nonsense from a person who ran a failed business in Spain. Fact is, the crisis continues for millions of people and a recovery is a long process, not an event that just occurs overnight. That “union bloke” represents thousands of Spanish workers and speaks facts. I know who I believe lol.

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