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Town in northern Spain named as least polluted in Europe

A TOWN in Castilla y Leon has been named as the least polluted town not only in Spain, but in Europe too.

AIR HEADS: Marbella air cleanest in Spain’s Andalucia, new report says

Research carried out in cities of more than 100,000 people showed that the home of the rich and famous had the lowest ozone levels

Temperatures in Spain’s Andalucia hit climate change limit

In Malaga, Cordoba and Granada the average yearly temperature in the 21st century was at least 1.5°C higher than in the 20th century

Spain world leader in welcoming travellers with 200 million in 2015

More than 200 million passengers will have flown in and out of the country by the end of 2015

Cold weather and ‘polar air front’ set to descend on Spain this weekend

Summer finally over as polar air front heads to Spain sending temperatures sharply downwards

Spanish budget air travel leaps in 2015

In all 28.1 million people flew into Spain on budget airlines through September

Heavy air pollution affects 16.8 million Spaniards

A significant amount of the Spanish population are breathing in dangerous levels of pollutants

More than a third of Spaniards breathing ‘dangerously polluted’ air

The WHO adds that 95% of Spaniards are exposed to 'unhealthy' levels

Spain warned to tackle ‘poor’ air pollution

Air quality linked to poor lung health among adults

La Linea tops Spanish air pollution blacklist

The World Heath Organisation names and shames the most polluted cities