SPAIN is among a number of European countries being urged to tackle their air pollution problem.

New research by the European Respiratory Society has highlighted an underlying link between Europe’s poor air quality and an increase in poor lung health among adults.

The study evaluated the correlation between air pollution and lung function in adults from the UK, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Sweden.

Professor Peter Barnes, president of the European Respiratory Society, said: “Urgent action is needed to tackle air pollution in Europe.

“It is crucial that policymakers in Europe take note of these findings and update guidelines in Member States to meet the WHO-recommended air quality standards.

“This will ensure equal protection of all citizens’ health across the continent.”

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  1. We breathe this every day. It was Franco’s parting present for the Gibraltar area. Deny the bay all the employment it would have had as a beach tourism destination when tourism boomed in the 70s (it had the best beaches) under the pretext of creating work for frontier workers after he closed the border himself. It does my head in that we are still suffering the consecuences of a dictator’s actions.

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