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Fury after minister claims meat from mega farms is causing the ‘end of Spain’ – but is he right?

SUSTAINABLE meat production is dominating headlines after Spain's minister for consumer affairs claimed livestock mega farms are causing the ‘end’ of the very country. Alberto...

EU takes Spain to European Court for not stopping pollution of areas like the Mar Menor

SPAIN will have to answer to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg over not doing enough to combat nitrate pollution in areas like...

Judge reveals evidence of ‘environmental crime’ in Mar Menor pollution investigation in Spain

A Murcia judge says there is evidence of an 'environmental crime' in his probe of 38 agricultural businesses accused of illegally dumping 5.9 billion...

Chef Jose Andres tells rival politicians to join forces to stop pollution in the Mar Menor in Spain

INTERNATIONAL chef and philanthropist, Jose Andres, has told rival Spanish political leaders to come together to stop pollution in the Mar Menor. Asturias-born Andres won...

Big government plan to fight pollution in the Mar Menor lagoon is announced in Spain’s Murcia region

A plan to combat pollution in the Mar Menor lagoon has been unveiled in Murcia this Thursday by Spain's Ecological Transition minister, Teresa Ribera. The...

Campaigners send Mar Menor lagoon pollution complaint to EU which pins blame on Spain’s politicians

ENVIRONMENTALISTS have sent a formal complaint to the EU over the pollution problems at the Mar Menor lagoon in Murcia. The joint submission sent by...

Green ‘buffer zone’ could be created to fight Mar Menor lagoon pollution in Spain

A green 'buffer zone' of 390 hectares has been suggested in a bid to reduce pollution in the Mar Menor lagoon in Murcia. The proposed...

Massive human chain formed around the Mar Menor lagoon in Spain to protest against environmental disaster

THOUSANDS of people formed a human chain around the Mar Menor on Saturday(August 28) in protest over tons of dead fish washing ashore. Residents and...

Spain’s government refuses ’emergency’ status for Mar Menor lagoon despite dead fish washing ashore for over a week

SPAIN'S government will not declare the Mar Menor an 'emergency' area as it continues its war of words with its regional counterpart. Madrid's refusal follows...

Thousands of dead fish and marine life wash onto beaches of the polluted Mar Menor lagoon in Spain

PROSECUTORS will investigate a new incident of dead fish washing onto Mar Menor beaches yesterday(August 16). In October 2019, swathes of oxygen-starved fish washed onto...

Why the Mar Menor in Spain has become Europe’s saddest example of environmental vandalism

THE Mar Menor in Murcia is Europe's largest saltwater lagoon but also one of the continent's saddest stories over the ravages of pollution. It's an...

Two black flags awarded over pollution and building plans which ‘threaten’ the Costa Blanca environment in Spain

ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners, Ecologists in Action, have awarded two black flags to the Costa Blanca region. Their annual black flag list features areas of pollution and...

Recycling from citizens in popular expat area increases five-fold over 10 years on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ORIHUELA Municipality is making huge advances in recycling with a 500% increase in little over 10 years. The area covers popular expat areas such as...

Irrigation halted due to pollution in Vega Baja region of Spain’s Costa Blanca

POLLUTION in waters around the Vega Baja towns of Rojales and Guardamar del Segura halted irrigation last week. The Water Courts of Rojales and Guardamar...

Prosecutors to force Murcia’s government to investigate companies polluting the Mar Menor in Spain

THE Murcia government will be taken to court to force it to investigate ten companies who are accused of polluting the Mar Menor, one...

Spain’s Malaga Airport goes green with four vertical gardens

MALAGA airport to boast living walls with more than 10,000 live plants. The world's number one airport operator AENA (Spain’s Airports and Air Navigation) has...

United Nations to investigate whether Spain is at fault for major pollution incidents in Mar Menor lagoon

A four-year campaign to get the United Nations to investigate whether Spain has breached environmental rules in the Mar Menor lagoon has succeeded. The Ecologistas...

Beauty belies Spain’s toxic cover-up

AT FIRST GLANCE, you might think a sci-fi writer had dreamed up this polar scenery of ice-like foam sheets atop a dazzling green sea.  Small...

Spain records 48 black flags for most polluted beaches in 2020

THE list of Spain’s most polluted black flag beaches has been released.

Town in northern Spain named as least polluted in Europe

A TOWN in Castilla y Leon has been named as the least polluted town not only in Spain, but in Europe too.

Spain ranks 14th on list of greenest countries worldwide, while the UK is fourth

SPAIN has ranked 14th on the list of greenest countries in the world, while the UK came in at an impressive fourth.

CO2 emissions in Spain decrease by 32% in April, much higher than the average worldwide drop of 26%

CO2 emissions in Spain have decreased by over a third in April, registering one of the highest drops in the world.

Spain will not ban the sale of diesel or petrol cars by 2040, but still aims to be carbon...

THE Government has announced that it will not ban the sale of diesel or petrol cars by 2040.

Air pollution in Madrid and across major European cities drops staggering amounts due to coronavirus

AIR pollution in Madrid and across major European cities has dropped dramatically due to coronavirus.

Spain and the Costa del Sol feel the effects of the lockdown with a dramatic drop in pollution

The majority of the drop has been from a 60% reduction of traffic on the roads of Madrid and Barcelona, while in Andalucia, around an 80% drop has been seen

Pollution levels in Spain reach historically low levels because of coronavirus

POLLUTION levels in Spain have decreased dramatically due to coronavirus.





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