HIGH polluting older cars will be banned from centres of large cities in Spain next year with the creation of low emission zones.

The new measure will be implemented by the General Directorate of Traffic(DGT) under the auspices of the government’s Law on Climate Change.

The deadline for the new zones to come into force is the end of the year and covers cities with over 50,000 residents.

The law’s aim is to offer a better quality of life in Spain’s most populated cities.

Barcelona introduced low emission zones in 2020 during peak times of the week for traffic.

Essentially petrol cars with a pre-2000 registration fall under restrictions in the city, with pre-2006 registered diesel cars also covered.

The World Health Organisation says there are only seven Spanish cities that meet established air quality parameters.

The DGT move is seen as a major inducement for motorists to switch to less-polluting vehicles, including electric cars.

Electric car prices are higher than conventional fuel-driven vehicles and there are still comparatively few electric charging points.

The government is banking on new emission zone restrictions boosting the electric car market.


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