Monday, October 14, 2019
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European Commission slam Spain for not doing enough for electric car renewal

In a new report criticising Spain’s efforts to go green, the Commission says not enough resources are being allocated for long-term plans to encourage car manufacturers to meet goals set by the EU.

Electric cars set for Mallorca reboot thanks to AnySolution

CALVIA company AnySolution has brought the STEVE project to Mallorca, joining 20 other public and private entities across the EU.The project aims to assess...

Malaga’s electric car sales have almost doubled in 12 months

Statistics from the Malaga Motoring Association (AMA) reveal that sales of hybrid vehicles have risen by a huge 94% in the last 12 months.

Electric car sales in Andalucia up by over a third

Overall sales in Spain hit 698, up 29.02%

Spain exports electric cars to Japan

Electric cars assembled in Spain are being exported to Japan as the country increases its European imports

Electric cars next big thing in Spain

Andalucía gets on board the electric car band wagon and introduces its first electric cars and Spain’s first recharging station

Spain on the right track

An ingenious new invention is creating electricity from kinetic energy in train wheels

Plugged in

The 200 electric cars expected on Malaga's roads next year will have access to 20 recharging points as part of a 6o million euro...

An electric car deal!

Electric car initiative sparked by government subsidies