FORD will build their ‘next-generation’ electric cars at their Almusaffes assembly plant in Valencia.

By 2026, Ford in Europe plans to sell 600,000 electric vehicles annually.

Almusaffes is the firm’s biggest car manufacturing plant outside the United States, employing 6,000 workers.

The UGT trade union says that besides guaranteeing employment at Almusaffes, around 25,000 indirect jobs have been secured.

Ford of Europe chairman, Stuart Rowley, said: “Bringing our all-new electric vehicle design to Valencia will help us build a profitable business in Europe, secure high value employment and increase Ford’s offering of premium electric, high performance, fully connected vehicles that meet the demand of our European customers.”

The Valencia area is fast becoming a major European hub for electric vehicles and associated products.

Volkswagen announced in March that a brand-new €7 billion electric car battery plant will be built at Sagunto with production slated to start in 2026.

One factor in the German manufacturer’s decision was the relative proximity to the Ford Almusaffes plant after signing a 2020 agreement to co-operate with Ford on producing zero-emission vehicles.

Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, last year announced a €4.3 billion investment to overhaul Spain’s car manufacturing to focus on electric vehicles.


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