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Spain is largest ‘eurozone’ country with biggest ‘real wage’ fall in 2022

SPANISH workers suffered the most of any large Eurozone country as their real wages got hit by high inflation in 2022. The Organisation for Economic...

One less working day per week, sounds good no? Valencia seems to think so

Easter Monday marked the launch of Valencia’s trial of the four day working week which will take place for a month.  The city council will...

More than 1,800 Ukrainians have work in Spain’s Andalucia one year after Russian invasion

JUST over one year after the Russian invasion, a total of 1,832 Ukrainians have jobs in Andalucia. The figure was confirmed yesterday, Thursday March 9,...

Watch out, the inspectors are about on Spain’s Mallorca

By Livia Cockerell UNCARING bosses better watch out - 80 employment inspectors will be posted in Mallorca to monitor working conditions this summer. During high season,...

Car giant Ford to produce ‘next-generation’ electric cars at its Valencia area plant in Spain

FORD will build their 'next-generation' electric cars at their Almusaffes assembly plant in Valencia. By 2026, Ford in Europe plans to sell 600,000 electric vehicles...

Landmark figure achieved of 20 million people working in Spain, according to government statistics

A record 20 million people are in work according to Spain's social security figures released on Wednesday. It's the first time that the much-vaunted 20...

Spanish government proposes raising minimum wage to €13,944 per year

THE Spanish government has proposed increasing the minimum salary to €13,944 a year, or €996 per month if paid in the traditional 14 installments. The...

Spain announces its best job figures since banking crisis of 2008

SPAIN has announced the highest number of people in work since the 2008 banking crisis. Over 20 million people are employed with 840,700 new jobs...

Mercadona supermarkets in Spain to pay staff an inflation-matching wage increase

THE Mercadona supermarket chain is set to give its entire workforce a 5% pay rise on January 1. Spain's biggest private company is the first...

Shocking job offer in Spain goes viral for ‘disgusting’ demands on potential employee

THE internet is desperate to find out the identity of the business owner offering ’shocking’ working conditions with a recent viral job ad. It’s not...

WAITERS WANTED: Restaurants and bars in Spain’s Castellon just cannot get the staff

BARS and restaurants in Castellon Province are desperate for summer staff. Despite the financial and employment crisis caused by the coronavirus, the hospitality trade is...

THE WAY FORWARD? How cooperative companies in Spain’s Castellon are beating the COVID crisis

Spokespeople reveal that the secrets of success of their business model are flexibility and self-regulation, with the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, diversify and create new lines of business.

GET A JOB: Good news as Spain’s Castellon recovers pre-pandemic employment levels

EMPLOYMENT levels in Castellon Province have already returned to pre-pandemic levels. Social Security figures show that there are currently 212 workers paying into the system...

CAN’T PAY WON’T PLAY: One in four young people in Spain’s Valencia region affected by employment cutbacks

ONE out of every four young people in the Valencia region is affected by a temporary employment regulation, known as ERTE. Around 25% of employees...

Spain’s Andalucia to hire 3,000 unemployed citizens as beach surveillance officers this summer

The Andalucian Partido Popular leader said that the Junta will launch an ‘employment plan for safe beaches 2020.’

Madrid and Barcelona both rank in the bottom 10 of best cities for jobs following coronavirus crisis

MADRID and Barcelona have both ranked in the bottom 10 of the 100 best cities for jobs following the coronavirus crisis.

Costa del Sol to see 10% increase in employment this summer compared to 2018

Waiters, hotel workers, salespeople, customer service staff, telemarketers and shop assistants, are among the most popular summer jobs

A raise in minimum wage on the horizon

AN agreement to raise the minimum wage next year is likely to take place tonight (Tuesday) at 5pm. The meeting between the Minister of Employment,...

CRITICAL: Spain’s income inequality one of the worst in EU as 40% of young still unemployed

SPAIN'S income inequality is one of the worst in the EU.  A new report by the European Commission found that while the economy is improving,...

Manilva has the lowest unemployment rate in Malaga province, new figures reveal

MANILVA has the lowest unemployment rate in Malaga. With 16.02% of people out of work, it is the municipality of between 10,000 and 40,000 residents...

Andalucia Junta urges Spain Government rethink after it slashes employment grants

Andalucia has lost €24.3m in funding to encourage more jobs and tackle long term unemployment this year compared to last, the only Spanish autonomous region to do so

Marbella Town Hall creates 500 temporary jobs in bid to cut unemployment

Locals were invited to put their names on a register of candidates, from which the town hall will draw temporary employees as and when it needs them

Gibraltar employment level increases by 50% over last decade

Gibraltar will have more workers than residents if the increase continues for the next decade

Spanish father offers €5,000 reward for finding his son a job

One Zaragoza father took matters into his own hands by placing an advert in a local paper to get his 39-year-old a job

Best business boom for Malaga since 2008

The number of businesses in Malaga reaches the first high since economic crisis




Summer sports programme in Gibraltar starts early as three schools change end of term dates

THE government’s summer sports programme for children will start early in Gibraltar after three local schools announced they would close their doors sooner than...


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