SOME 70% of workers in Spain are still doing the same amount of overtime as they did before May 12, 2019, when the government implemented an obligatory time-control system that was aimed at reducing the number of unpaid hours put in by staff. 

That’s according to a report from human resources company Adecco and job-seeking website Infoempleo, which found that overtime has not been reduced since the system went into force. 

The study was based on responses from around 4,000 workers at 400 companies, and also states that 53% of staff worked more hours last year than their contract stipulates.

As many as 33% of respondents said that they had put in 50 extra hours over their year, while 10% said that they had done as many as 400 extra hours. 

The survey also found that 39% of respondents did not receive any payment for this overtime.

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