JUST over one year after the Russian invasion, a total of 1,832 Ukrainians have jobs in Andalucia.

The figure was confirmed yesterday, Thursday March 9, by the Government delegate in Andalucia, Pedro Fernandez, and refers to those displaced by the conflict who have been granted temporary protection status, which includes a two years residence and work permit.

The figure represents more than 20% of the total number of Ukrainian citizens who at the end of the year were registered with Social Security in the community.

Apart from labour integration, 24,103 temporary protection orders have already been managed in Andalucia (170,000 in Spain) and 8,437 correspond to minors.

Ukrainians who have fled Russia’s war in their country have the right to live and work in the EU for up to three years.

Spain has set up a portal that provides information on services, telephone numbers and addresses, and places to carry out formalities. Click here for more information in Spanish, and here in Ukrainian.


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