A 41-year-old suspected terrorist has been arrested in Elche by the Guardia Civil.

The man, a Norwegian national of Iraqi descent, was detained in the La Hoya area.

He had lived there with a woman and two children for around a year.

Information from Europol showed he previously tried to enter Iraq or Syria with three other people, who had already carried out several terrorist attacks.

A search of his computer devices at his La Hoya home showed he possessed and exchanged a large number of audiovisual material linked to terrorists, including the Islamic State group.

The Guardia said he had an intense online presence which gave him a ‘privileged position’ to access highly-restricted jihadist content exchange platforms.

Those sites included specialist ‘instruction manuals’ used for recruitment and indoctrination of potential terrorist recruits.

He also used a variety of mobile phone apps in an attempt to keep his activities a closely guarded secret.

The man was remanded into custody after a National Court appearance.


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