Friday, August 19, 2022
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Suspected jihadist terrorist recruiter arrested in Costa Blanca area of Spain

A 41-year-old suspected terrorist has been arrested in Elche by the Guardia Civil. The man, a Norwegian national of Iraqi descent, was detained in the...

Jihadist leader arrested in Spain’s Andalucia along with three ‘radicalised’ group members in Murcia

FOUR members of a jihadist group have been arrested by the Policia Nacional after an 18-month investigation. Officers swooped on the leader in Algeciras on...

Daesh terror suspect arrested on Spain’s Costa Blanca

POLICE have arrested a supporter of Daesh (Islamic State) for his alleged role in radicalising young Muslims in Spain. The suspect was searching, editing and...

Islamic State recruiter in Benidorm area who targeted young people is arrested on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A MAN has been arrested on the Costa Blanca for recruiting young people to support the Islamic State terror group. Guardia Civil agents detained the...

Two knife-wielding ‘Islamic State jihadists’ threaten to kill roommates with bomb in Spain’s Mallorca

The men claimed to be jihadists working with the Islamic State

ISIS video threatens tourists in Spain after death of British ‘punk rock jihadi’

The final three minutes of the clip appear to threaten attacks on Barcelona or Madrid similar to those suffered by Paris in 2015

Spain launches new counter-terrorism plan targeting ISIS and Al Qaeda

Over 230 Spaniards have left the country to fight with terrorist groups, of which 20% have returned and 25% have died

Police arrest men in Spain for looting ancient artefacts linked to Islamic terror group

The Spanish art experts were arrested on suspicion of financing terrorism after selling artefacts from IS controlled zones in Libya

Fourteen Spanish families have joined ISIS’ ranks

Their members are among the 115 Spanish citizens and residents recruited as jihadists

Four suspected Islamist militants arrested in Ceuta

Men said to have 'similar profiles' to Paris gunmen

Spain steps up security following Paris attack

Interior minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz increases country's anti-terrorist security following attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo

Police bust ISIS terror cell in Spain

Raids in Spain and Morocco result in seven arrests

Spain to send 300 soldiers to train Iraqi troops

Spain set to enter Iraq in battle against IS

Spain arrests nine Islamic State fighters as European jihadist support rises dramatically

The EU anti-terrorism chief adds that air strikes will only increase the risk of retaliation




New casualty brings COVID-19 victim total to 107 in Gibraltar since start of pandemic

ONE person has died with COVID-19 amid 14 new cases detected in the last week throughout Gibraltar. The death brings the total number of casualties...


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