A POLICIA Nacional probe has been launched after two men claiming to be jihadists allegedly threatened to kill their roommates.

Investigators said two men of Moroccan origin, 30 and 24, made a series of threats to three people with whom they squatted a property in Palma.

Allegedly claiming that they were jihadists working with Islamic State, the men had told their flatmates that they would plant a bomb in the premises when they were asked to leave.

After a call to the emergency services, officers swiftly arrived on the scene, finding a woman in distress at the entrance.

Upon questioning, she claimed that the suspects had attacked her earlier that day and had threatened to cut off her head with a knife.

They told the woman that they were terrorists and allegedly warned that they would ‘blow everyone up with explosives.’

Officers proceeded to enter the squatted apartment, finding the two suspects hiding out in the bathroom.

A large knife was uncovered during a body search of the men.

After corroborating the story with two other witnesses, the men were hauled off to the police station.

Both have been charged with assault and intimidation with violence.

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