CAR maker SEAT has confirmed that it will site Spain’s first electric car battery plant in the Valencia area.

SEAT President, Wayne Griffiths reaffirmed the new Sagunto plant will be part of the company’s €10 billion electric car investment in Spain.

A provisional deal for the Sagunto site was announced in March, but confirmation was required over taking €339 million of EU subsidies via the Spanish government.

Existing SEAT car plants in the Pamplona and Barcelona areas will be turned over to making electric vehicles.

Wayne Griffiths said the company would produce electric cars for both the Spanish market and for export across Europe.

“This project will democratise access to sustainable mobility in Europe with electric cars made in Spain,” Griffiths said.

The Sagunto battery site will cost €7 billion to set up and employ 3,000 staff.

It puts the Valencia area in the forefront of electric cars with the near-by Ford plant at Almusaffes set to manufacture a new line up of electric vehicles from 2025.

Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, commented: “We are re-industrialising our country and leading the energy transition.”


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