THE Costa Blanca has been singled out as a key black spot for the ‘chronic cancer’ of environmental destruction.

Ecologistas en Accion has slammed the Valencia and Murcia coastlines for the continuing ‘over-development’ and ‘pollution’ they face. 

The green group is particularly critical of one of Alicante’s last stretches of virgin beach, at Cala Mosca, which has been given a black flag alone for plans to develop it.

It comes after the Olive Press exposed the threats made to local politicians in Orihuela in order to force through a licence to build 2,000 luxury homes. 

Cala Mosca Newest Protest
Local groups such as Salvemos Cala Mosca have been protesting against the development for many years.

In its annual black flag awards for coastal destruction, a flag was also handed to Javea for the continuing urban problems at Arenal beach.

According to the report – which selected the 48 worst black spots in Spain – Javea has failed to tackle serious pollution and sewage issues at its landmark cove.

In a damning ruling, Spain’s leading green charity, insisted: “Everytime there are heavy rains and storms, the beach ends up being full of sewage as well as sanitary and cleaning products.” 

Arenal Javea 1
Javea has been slammed for the pollution of its water. Photo Wikimedia Commons

And it is a problem that most of the Costa Blanca faces each summer.

Ecologistas spokesman, Cristobel Lopez, told the Olive Press: “These coastal areas double in population and consequently what were once unspoilt natural areas become nothing more than a lineup of hotels and holiday homes. 

“This overpopulation leads to the destruction of the coast as the collapse of water sanitation gets worse and sewage flows directly into the sea.”

Other black flags went to the beaches of Forti and Surrach, in Castellon, which have also been exposed for their continual contamination. 

Meanwhile, Valencia province as a whole was handed a black flag for the poor management of its beaches. 

Playa De El Cabanyal Valencia 03 1

The green group also slammed the number of companies and farms that dump waste and chemicals into rivers and the sea.

“And it’s not going to stop as the fines they face are ridiculously low and most of the time they are not even enforced,” insisted Lopez.  

One of the worst affected areas in Spain is the Mar Menor area of Murcia, which due to the continual discharge of chemicals from illegal agriculture and unregulated housing developments is ‘practically a dead sea now.’

The green charity also ruled that the problem is far worse than people believe and the country is now at a ‘very grave risk’.

“Politicians need to take urgent measures because they are ruining the country for future generations,” continued Lopez, who compiled the Black Flag report.

“Spain has a chronic cancer as its natural areas are so devastated and polluted that, even with technological advances and investment, it will take many years until they are fully restored,” Lopez concluded. 

“We only choose 48 black spots to not overwhelm the press and population but there are literally hundreds of natural spaces that are being destroyed. We need urgent measures to tackle this.”

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