THE Murcia regional government has authorised €4.7 million to be allocated next year to continue the process of removing biomass from the Mar Menor lagoon.

The budget will be spent on eliminating accumulations of decomposing organic matter on the Mar Menor shores and shallow waters which negatively impact the ecological and appearance of the lagoon.

The administration- much criticised by local environmentalists and residents- said this was part of its ongoing ‘commitment to the protection and recovery of the ecosystem’.

The money will be part of €11 million that will also be spent on removing algae from the lagoon and surrounding areas.

A similar amount was allocated this year with over 26,054 tons of material taken away.

That included 411 tons of nitrogen and 14 tons of phosphorus removed from the local ecosystem.

The Murcia government also wants to improve the bathing quality of water for swimmers by reducing the amount of sludge created by plant biomass.


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