A couple from Manacor in Mallorca heard noises coming from their kitchen on Saturday night and found a naked man helping himself to food and drink.

They saw a trail of water coming out of their bathroom to the kitchen after he took a shower.

The 42-year-old Argentine man was told to leave their home immediately but said somewhat incoherently that he wanted to go back to his native country.

The male householder grabbed the intruder by his arm and lead him to the front door.

The unwelcome guest turned violent as he took a bottle of beer that he was drinking and smashed it, before threatening the man with it.

The homeowner released him as the bottle smashed into a glass door.

Before leaving the property, the naked intruder grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist.

The couple phoned the Policia Nacional with a patrol spotting the towelled man walking down the street.

He’s been charged with home invasion and was taken for a medical evaluation in case he was suffering from a mental condition.

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