A POLICE dog foiled an attempt to smuggle over 28 kilos of hashish hidden inside the tyres of a luxury car in Spain’s Ceuta driven by two men as they tried to catch the ferry to Algeciras.

The dog alerted Guardia Civil officers who then searched the car arrested the two men from Ceuta for drug smuggling.

When the police dog first alerted the policemen they were not sure where the hash was hiding.

Only an ‘exhaustive’ search of the Mercedes A Class car revealed where the hash was located.

The border police found the 28.4 kilos of hash lining the interior of the four tyres of the luxury car.

Police then arrested the two men in their 30s and impounded their car.

Morocco is one of the top hash producing nations in the world, taking over from Afghanistan as the Middle Eastern nation descended into war and chaos.

Every year criminal gangs transport thousands of kilos of the concentrated cannabis across the Straits of Gibraltar to Spain and onward to the rest of Europe.


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